Investment, Centrifugal & Sand

Weartech's casting capability spans three primary methods of molten metal manufacturing. Based on your application and design intent, Weartech can help determine which process best fits the design intent. Read on to understand more about each process and the capabilities of our in-house manufacturing.

Explore the capabilities of each process and let us know what we can do to support you:

Investment Casting

The most versatile of the 3, investment casting, permits a great deal of design freedom, the ability to use exotic alloys for high strength, wear and corrosion applications, and the precision and tolerances to eliminate many machining operations. Investment castings have long been the answer to the manufacturing ‘how to’ question for design entities across every industry in the world. Precision investment castings satisfy design integrity, statistical dimensional capability requirements, and meet or exceed non-machined surface finish desires. The level of complexity Investment Castings can achieve are unmatched. From thin walls (<.050”), serpentine internal passages, and complex shapes and sizes, to strict quality requirements such as Radiography and Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Centrifugal Casting

Parts produced by centrifugal casting are dense, sound and have a fine grain structure in comparison to static and investment cast parts. In this method of casting, a centrifugal force is exerted on the molten metal whilst it is poured into a cylindrical mold spinning on its axis. Chill crystals form uniformly at the mold-metal interface. Solidification continues pushing oxides, impurities, and gases towards the core that is later bored out leaving behind a dense casting.

Sand Casting

Sand casting is ideal for large components in small quantities. Sand castings are made using sand comprised of multiple binders packed in a two part wooden form. The form is then filled with molten metal and allowed to cool. Some machining is generally required when using sand castings. Weartech manufactures sand casting to customers' specifications.

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