Machining & Finishing

Capable to produce both simple and complex parts

Machining & Finishing Operations

Weartech has two fully equipped machine shops that are able to perform an array of machining and finishing operations using state-of-the-art CNC lathes and mills. Our team of skilled, trained and highly experienced craftsman are specialists in producing the highest quality components designed to withstand harsh punishment. With the capability to produce both simple and complex parts, Weartech’s machining centers offer excellent quality and on-time service.

Below is the full list:

  • Bullard Vertical Lathe
  • Ganesh CNC 2050
  • Ganesh GT 2060
  • Ganesh Mill
  • Haas GT 20
  • Haas Monarch 60
  • Haas SL 20
  • Haas SL 30
  • Haas TL 1
  • Romi C 510
  • Romi C 680
  • Roundtower Mill
  • Warner and Swasey Lathe
  • Axel Lathe
  • Haas VF3
  • Hass VF1

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